My Story

Growing up in The Midwest just outside of The City of Detroit, and after graduating College at Michigan State University, I discovered a passion within right out of the gates I never really realized how much of a positive impact and influence I was having not only in the lives of others, but my own. That was a passion for helping and teaching others in the Real Estate Industry and making a highly successful career of it. This Passion soon became something I was highly involved in, growing, and adapting as the times and markets changed throughout the Real Estate Industry as we know it today.

Now nearly 15 years later, and moving out West to the beautiful & sunny State of California, I have helped hundreds of clients accomplish their real estate and homeowner dreams by doing things the right way and most importantly putting my clients first. Because of the rapidly changing housing industry, and complex aspects of purchasing a home, selling a home, or obtaining a mortgage, having the right experienced person who you can trust and is familiar with all parts of the real estate process is crucial to make sure you are getting taken care of  and correct advice on all fronts of the transaction.

With extensive knowledge and experience in both the real estate and lending industries, having a passion for helping others with their real estate needs in every way possible, I bring a unique detailed skillset needed to ensure my clients have everything covered to make sure their transaction closes on time without any of the headaches and hassles that are commonly missed causing complications and their deals falling through. I also take pride in involving and explaining things to my clients every step of the way from start to finish. I set myself at a high standard for my clients to go above and beyond to not only close on time, but offer the type of service you deserve to become your Go To Real Estate Professional you trust for years to come.